Internships Regarding Telepathic Communications

I’m a student at USF and I was wondering if anyone knew about some potential internships in the bay area of people that are trying to explore the new field in Neurotechology regarding Telepathic Communications?

Not as far-fetched as it sounds.

There are always nay-Sayers:

Wait, ‘brain chip’? That’s not telepathy. Jeez, for a moment there you had me excited.

As for @Alex_Austin, have you contacted anyone at Neuralink? BTW, you better have REALLY good credentials.


@EEProf Yeah I’m only a sophomore undergrad, so I don’t think I’m quite there yet.

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Thank you for the source, this is exactly what I was looking for.

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I surmise we may work together for a Gargantuan Patent. . …

Want me to do anything ? Email or something ?
I hav checked your record . . …

Smarter than most because the earlier you start, the better. Anyway, good luck.


A telepathic patent is my life goal right now. That’s what I’m studying currently in undergrad for. If you know anyone that I could work with, that would be greatly appreciated; I would love to work with you if you’re interested.

Would you consider predicting what someone else will think as telepathy? Or does it require two way communication e.g. agent 1 predicts the thoughts of agent 2, then agent 2 predicts the thoughts of agent 1 (including their prediction of agent 2). Then agent 2 acts based on the prediction - is that telepathy? Or is it something else?

Psychology of telepathy is also part of pur “polymath” teams’ studentship . … .


I’m curious as to what model your using for the language creation ?

It is a two way exchange of thoughts / sensations.

AND emotivities . … Yeah . … Wy not ???

Of course telepathy is just in our imagination, not a real thing, no science, no credible experimental data, full of scams and shonky claims. Randi, Asimov and Gardner would have a field day.

So of course in our imagination it can be whatever we can imagine it to be.

Would the second example I gave be considered telepathy?

I think predicting what someone else will think is more intuition.

For now it is in our imagination.

Here you go…


A better search term might be “brain-computer interface” (BCI). These can be either invasive (e.g. Neuralink) or non-invasive (e.g. Kernel). There’s BCI work going on at lots of different companies and universities, as far as I understand. (Sorry if you already know all this.)