Is anyone here familiar with

Do you have any experience with this group?

Do they have a real product or more on the vaporware side?

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They look like they are working on simulations of cortex, but I can’t find any entry point into their technology to find out what it really is. The website and PR material looks interesting.

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Interesting. According to their website, they have:

  • Been in business since at least February 2018
  • Raised 35 Million Euros to date
  • A Chipset containing their AI. They don’t say whether or not they have a working prototype.
  • This gem: “Instead of considering the human brain at a microscopic/neuron level as in deep learning, we replicate the brain’s behavior at a more macroscopic scale where large neuronal populations have a dedicated function like the perception of motion or curvature.”

I suspect that this company is in “stealth mode”. Typically companies keep their inventions secret until they file patents. Once they have filed patents they can reveal secret designs and have protection & legal recourse in case someone tries to rip-off their designs. This is especially important for the creditors who invested 35 million.

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Looking through their news section. There’s a link to a article on EETimes. And the photo there looks like a Nvidia Xavier development kit (I also own one). That seems to be a weird way to build AI tech. No one is going to build AI on embedded systems first then move them to large computers. It’s typically the other way arround.


Either they have leapfrogged Numenta’s research, or they are closely following the research meetings. :wink:


The article says he was the founder of Aldebaran Robotics. That is the company behind Pepper, that nice little companion robot that was on the news about 3/4 years ago.

It was just a smart chatbot with a likable shape and “facial expressions”, but it was a big hit, especially in Asian countries.

Ahhh yeah, still quite rare in Asia… Have seen it in a few malls. But mostly are parents with young child interacting with it (him?).