Jeff Hawkins NAISys presentation

Earlier this month Jeff presented at the NAISys (From Neuroscience to Artificially Intelligent Systems) conference. He gave a talk titled, “How the Brain Uses Reference Frames to Model the World and Why AI Needs to do the Same”

Since the talks were not made available to the public, we created a new recording of Jeff giving the presentation so that we could share it. In the video description you’ll also find links to his slides and the poster Subutai presented at the same conference.



Thanks Christy!


Great overview. It’s exciting to see the new discoveries and developments.

I still think you should make the Numenta coffie cup available.

Consider this:
There is Ockham’s razor. There is Russell’s teapot. And now there is Hawkins’ coffee cup.

Soon any AI researcher on the planet will want one on his/her desk. What a great conversation starter it could be when visiting devs will want to touch it for themselves and create a reference frame of it just like Jeff did one fateful day at lunch time.