Jeff on Minicolumns & Spatial Pooling

Similar to last week’s live-stream of How to Model Neurons (with Jeff Hawkins), on Monday we’ll be streaming a continuation of these topics. This time on minicolumns and Spatial Pooling.

Hope you can tune in.


Reminder that this live-stream starts in about 90 minutes.

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In this video:

Jeff references a talk at Cosyne discussing the function (known and otherwise) of cells in the minicolumn, but he doesn’t give enough detail to find the talk. Could anyone post a link to this talk? Thanks!

Could it have been a reference to “The significance of nominally non-responsive activity in auditory perception and behavior” Michele Insanally et al (Friday Session 2 9.30a)?

(couldn’t find video, but maybe “Spike-timing-dependent ensemble encoding by non-classically responsive cortical neurons” Insanally et al 2019 is relevant?)

thank you for these tips! I will have a look

Ok, I had a look. That last paper you referenced is pretty much what I was after. Thanks!