LaTeX Parsing on the Forum

I will look into it.

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I found out that we can get the MathJax plugin with LaTeX parsing, but it means Numenta will need to start paying for Discourse hosting. Before making this decision, please post below if you would use LaTeX support if it existed on the forums.

Hmm, ok. Thanks for looking into that, Matt! I’d use it for sure. I guess our next best option would be attaching images to our posts that we’ve exported from LaTeX or something like this:\Delta\theta_t%20%3D%20\eta\nabla%20\log%20\pi%20(s_t%2C%20a_t%3B\theta_t)%20A(s_t%2C%20a_t)%20

Copying the text directly looks pretty bad, but I guess it’s something: