Numenta Pictures Demo

Hello eveyone, I looked on the websites that there was a software called Numenta Picutres Demo for demonstration of HTM image recognition performance, does anyone know where can I find it ?

It was probably a part of our first generation of algorithms (zeta 1). Where did you see it? Certainly not on or, right?

Here’s the link for the HTM for MNIST demo. Maybe this is what you’re referring to.

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hi,matt ,I found it in a paper of a independent researcher , and I think it is the demo of the early version of HTM, but it is useful to generate some variant pictures, and see how HTM can recognize, I’m just not sure if it’s still some where in Numentat’s website or other places

hi,thank you lindmatt

Sorry, but no we don’t have that source code available. It was never open source, and we haven’t maintained for well over 5 years. I have no idea where it might be.