Educational video about mnist classification in HTM.core or

Hi everyone
I have been trying to execute and understand the codes related to the classification of MNIST dataset in “HTM. Core”. For this reason, I was looking for an Educational video on the details of implementing the HTM. Core. but as I searched, I did not find anything. If there is a movie about this, please send me the link. It would be great if someone could give a general description of the implementation so that I could understand more.


Hi Shiva,

I recommend watching the HTM School video series.
This series explains how the HTM algorithms work in simple terms.
The episodes relating to the “spatial pooler” are especially relevant to the MNIST dataset.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for your help
Some time ago, I saw the movie " Beginner’s Guide to NuPIC by Scott Purdy" which explained the codes accurately and it was very useful for me. That is why I am looking to explain the codes related to htm.core and MNIST dataset

I guess you’ve likely seen this already @shiva , though in case not it describes the use of htm.core on MNIST in one case:

Yes, I saw it. Thank you for your help
Please let me know if there is still content related to this topic