Hi, is there members who want to study NuPIC code together?

I’m working as deep learning engineer who is currently most dealing with image and video.
And I’m interested in biology and neuroscience and have some knowledge of them.
So, it’s great seeing this project.

I’m trying to read NuPIC Python code.
But I think it’s tough to start to be familiar with this code and concept by myself.
So, if there is anyone who is starting to study this project and who wants to study together, let me know.

If there is also mentor who can guide where to start running code to see how code of this project works, it would be much appreciated.

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Hi @YoungMinPark,

Welcome to the forums!

Regardless of whether or not you find a study partner, you’ll definitely find people here interested in discussing HTM.

First of all, I recommend you start with HTM school on YouTube to learn foundational concepts before coding.

If you’re a deep learning engineer then you’re probably used to working in notebooks. A member of the community put this together to help people in your situation: https://github.com/psdyer/NuPIC-Algorithm-API-Example/blob/master/algorithm_api_example.ipynb

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Thanks. I’ll keep trying various learning approaches including HTM school videos,
and then I’ll try to write helpful notebooks for new people


Sure, write me. heger.valter@gmail.com

Hi, will be glad to study together or to have guides from you.
At first, it was difficult but after a few tries more, I found official document explains in detail.
I’ll contact you via email

Will be happy to discuss, share at

To understand the basics of HTM read this
this my email: wissal.midani15@gmail.com

Also a DL engineer here. I’m not using NuPIC tho, I use NuPIC.core.
Maybe we should have a category for basic NuPIC/HTM topics? The current categories seems too advanced.


Intersting idea, let’s try it out. I moved this topic to #htm-hackers:newbie-corner. Anyone please ask the most basic questions there if you are new!