Do you have some information about the fourth parameters linkParams in function links.‘Region from’, ‘Region to’, ‘UniformLink’, ‘What is sent by these parameters’) Where can I find docs or examples about linkParams ?

Thanx a lot !

You are right @Sergey, there’s not much info on in the API docs. @scott Do you know anywhere in our code where this is explained?

The last argument contains yaml-serialized parameters that are specific to the link policy. This gets passed to links as “linkParams” in the C++ engine code:

which passes it to “createLinkPolicy”:

which passes them into the link type construction, which is currently hard-coded here:

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And FWIW, we usually just use UniformLink without any parameters but if you are curious you can look at the individual link policy classes to see what parameters they support. Here is UniformLink as an example:

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