Most frequent SDR overpowering all other bits

I believe there is a compelling argument for the role of repetitive presentation during the dreaming phase of sleep.

I posit that the phenomenon of repeated presentations during the dreaming phase of sleep plays a critical role in memory consolidation and learning reinforcement. This intricate process involves oscillatory waves that rhythmically hammer both the hippocampus and the cortex. Such activity is crucial for driving the learning experiences accumulated during the day—particularly those encoded during delta coded-surprise during recall-perception—back from the hippocampus to the cortex. This not only reinforces but also strengthens the neural connections within the cortex, enhancing our ability to recall and utilize the learned information effectively

More detail on the hand-wavy “delta coded-surprise during recall-perception” thing:

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Think about the biology and the timing of the biology and then the time it has taken you to go from the first word to this word. Hundreds of replays will have occured within the biology of various state persistance associated with the sensory inputs and the concepts those inputs have triggered. These micro increments build the persistance (memory) over time, they don’t occur in a single pass. In a way biology is incredibly slow (near stationary) compared to logic bit flipping.

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