Need advice for starting a Career in Artificial General Intelligence

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I am a college dropout. My passion is in Artificial General Intelligence. I know it’s still undergoing research and many think we are very far from achieving it. I am very interested in working in this field. But I do not know have a clear plan on how to learn the things required and get a job in an A.G.I-based company.

What are the skills required for getting a job at an A.G.I based company? What will be the responsibilities? Where can I learn the skills from?

What should I do? Would you please give me an advice? I am very confused about whether to choose A.G.I or Data Science.

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I am very serious about A.G.I. I will do anything to achieve it. I desperately need your guidance.

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Hey @Ebin_Babu_Thomas,

Welcome, and I’m glad to hear you’re so passionate about AGI. I’m no AGI expert so I can’t answer fully, tho I would recommend starting with Data Science.

I say this because the projects will likely be narrow (not AGI) for the most part, and working on them you’ll see exactly what limits their scope. Then you can try to expand your approach to more AGI-like, and see what success you have.

I bet there are some problem types that lend themselves more to AGI (maybe chat bots like Serie or Cortana for instance). No matter how good your algorithms are, you’re always limited by the information contained in the data.

Idk your work background at all so I maybe redundant here, but I think there’s no substitute for project experience in real companies with real needs – and Data Science is a good way in the door. I think it’ll help you focus your AGI energies on problems that are both high value and closer to solvable (relatively low hanging fruits that are also juicy).

Also I think you’ve come to an excellent place for AGI theory in Numenta. The idea of a common neo-cortical circuit is the closest thing to human-like AGI that I’m aware of, and I suspect AGI won’t be really achieved without this core idea actualized somehow – and the current HTM algorithms seem to be a very promising start.

All the best in your AGI journey! I’m excited to see what you come up with.


Sir, Thanks a lot for the advice.

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This post gives some important pointers on the study areas you should be looking at:


You’re very welcome!
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