NeurIPS 2020 Recap - December 16, 2020

Subutai Ahmad, Lucas Souza and Karan Grewal give a recap on The Conference and Workshop on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2020, which was held virtually on Dec 6-12.

Subutai first gives his impression on the conference and highlights the positives and negatives. He then gives an overview of three papers from the conference that are focused on contrastive learning. Karan Grewal gives some highlights on the workshops he attended, specifically talks on the community being hyper-focused on achieving benchmark performances. Karan also highlights a panel session he attended on the rising trend of bias in machine learning. Lastly, Lucas shares his experience at the conference - highlighting the tutorials, workshops and industry talks.

Papers Subutai mentioned:
Unsupervised Learning of Visual Features by Contrasting Cluster Assignments

Bootstrap Your Own Latent - A New Approach to Self-Supervised Learning

LoCo: Local Contrastive Representation Learning