Hello, my goal with this post is to open a discussion about neuroplasticity and to expose an idea that I had on the subject, in order for someone to tell me if it is something possible or not. I know it does not have much to do with the purpose of this forum, but I am not finding any other place that discusses on the subject, and since it is something that could help many people, I decided to post here.

Since I am not of medicine, I will try to convey my idea superficially, but I hope you understand. I will illustrate the idea applied in people who have lost the movement of one side of the body in a stroke, but I believe that is not the only application.

The idea is to select muscles on the side not affected by stroke, which are not so important, to remove the connections of the nerves that innervate these muscles and to place sensors capable of detecting when they would be activated, that is, every time the patient tries to move this muscle it will activate the sensor and not the muscle. When the sensor is activated, a paralyzed side muscle is stimulated by functional electrical stimulation (FES). Over time, according to neuroplasticity theory, the brain would adapt and relate the movements of the paralyzed side, which is being stimulated, with the nerves connected to the sensors, then the brain itself would control the paralyzed side through the electrodes .

I had the idea seeing this video that shows a bit of the uptake of nerve stimulation and muscle stimulation through electrodes and reading a bit about neuroplasticity.

How to control someone else’s arm with your brain


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