New workflow for building NuPIC from Source Code

Beginning with the recent merge of pull request, there is a new workflow for building nupic from sources. This change is part of our ongoing work on the nupic build system.

See for details.

The main diff in the workflow is the build/install of nupic, followed by uninstall of nupic.bindings, followed by build/install of nupic.bindings (from nupic.core). Previously, you would build/install nupic.bindings first, then build/install nupic.

Note that this workflow may change/improve as we complete our transition to the new build system.

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FYI, this is no longer the case, but there is an important change that requires attention. If you install nupic.core/nupic.bindings from source, nupic will not attempt to re-install nupic.bindings. nupic will do the right thing. However, it leaves the responsibility of keeping nupic.bindings in sync up to the user.

Should you decide to install nupic.bindings from source after installing nupic without nupic.bindings pre-installed, you will need to uninstall the release version of nupic.bindings.

If you never install nupic.bindings from source, nupic will always do the right thing and install the release version of nupic.bindings specified in its requirements.txt file.

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