Newbie Nupic. HTM learning

I’m a newbie. I’m trying to use Nupic to Anomaly Detect CPU usage.
I have a question, when Anomaly likelihood output 0,5 , it’s mean it’s learning, So then it will continue to study or will stop to produce results.
Thanks everyone !!

Anomaly likelihood has nothing to do with learning or not. Learning or is is depended on weather you have turned learning on.


Anolamy likelihood will be 0.5 for a probationary period. After it’s moving window fills up (something like 500 points?) it will begin to produce proper values.

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It doesn’t need to stop in order to produce results (since its online learning), but it does take time for the Anomaly Likelihood to change from 0.5, since it is looking back over a window of anomaly score values.

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You might want to check this example of CPU analysis:

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