Non temporal sequence

People keep asking about non temporal sequences. Jeff keeps saying there is no such thing.

For example think of the squares of the integers 1, 4, 9, 16, 25 … it is a sequence but it has nothing to do with time nothing to do with the physical world. So people say non temporal. On the other hand we humans physicalize number lines and we scan them in a paced manor. I agree with Jeff in that we human can not think with out using time and space.

[1,4,9,16,25…] is considered ‘temporal’ in terms of time because it is physically represented as a sequence over time in your brain. In the context of ‘squares’ the 1 SDR will map to the 9 SDR, then in a very short period of time the 9 SDR will become active, etc. for the rest of the sequence. In other words, the sequence unfolds over time, rather than simultaneously. Can you think of all the squares simultaneously? Probably not because the sequence is encoded over a series of SDRs that can only activate one-at-a-time over time. In contrast when you have a spatial representation it occurs in a single moment in time.