Numenta Basic Source Code Install

I want to build a multilayer network of multidendritic neurons, like I’ve read about in the Hawkins papers and seen in the tutorial videos on YT. I’d like to add axonal network connections to more layers, for the purpose of basic research in modeling biological neural networks. I’m very familiar with python so if I could just get something started I think I could make progress. I’ve looked around for answers to these questions, but nothing pops right out. If someone could answer these or point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. I’ve installed Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS and nupic-master,, and nupic.torch-master, all from zip files downloaded from git.

  1. What is the best (easiest to configure properly) version of linux to install in Oracle VBox for working with Numenta source code?
  2. What is the best repo on github to start with? I tried following the file for nupic-master, and nupic.torch-master. For nupic-master and it reported it installed successfully but I couldn’t find the file py.test.

I’m trying poking around running but I got a ‘pickle’ error.

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I’d recommend looking at this repo:

Maybe start with this, which creates a multi-layer network (L2 & L4):

And this one which does inference using that network:

This should get you familiar with the Network API, with key methods such as network.addRegion and network.Link

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thanks, making progress but not yet able to get a clean install.

got this to work:
from htmresearch.algorithms.apical_tiebreak_temporal_memory import ApicalTiebreakPairMemory

and from ./

202 passed, 8 skipped, 1 pytest-warnings in 358.84 seconds


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@PeriodicStructure Sam gave you the best examples of using the Network API to build the types of architecture you want, however at this point I’m not sure I recommend NuPIC to build anything new. It is Python 2 and in maintenance.

For new constructions, I suggest you look into htm.core (#engineering:community-fork). The concepts are the same, and I believe the Network API at its core is the same in both frameworks. Htm.core has both C++ and Python 3 interfaces, and is an active community project.

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Matt, thank you for the advice. I just can’t get it to install. It keeps failing on cmake. I tried doing the binary install, the simple python, and the c++ build. None of them worked. I checked all the requirements. I know you guys are too busy to offer support, so I will try to get some help from some of the linux gurus I work with. Thanks for the response though.

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