Numenta Research on 3 Visual Stream & Deep Predictive Learning

Where we try to make sense of Deep Predictive Learning: A Comprehensive Model of Three Visual Streams.

Wed, Jan 22 at 10:15AM PST.


I see the potential in one part of this model to address a gap in HTM theory that Jeff highlighted around 5:32 in this whiteboarding session with Matt. Of course that video is discussing an older (by several months) version of the theory, but at least in my current understanding, the problem of how to transmit an active prediction back up to L4 is still an open question.

In Figure 1 of 3VS paper which you discussed briefly in the research meeting, there is a path for active prediction to transmit from L5 back to L4:


I feel like keeping this potential mechanism in our back pocket could prove to be useful while theorizing data flows in a cortical column, and for making predictions that can be further researched to find evidence for or against.

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