NuPIC.core status / tests

Hi everyone,

I’ve just begun digging into HTM, read some of the theory and was now trying to get started with the available software. I’m not quite certain about the current status of the project (I know it’s under development), as I understand it, nupic.core is the current ‘main’ project, implementing the algorithms in c++ but still missing some parts (e.g. encoders) available in nupic, which in turn is the ‘deprecated’ python implementation. Is that correct so far?

Now, having installed nupic.core (compilation of the included Swig failed btw., had to adjust the make-process, possibly related to the latest pull request?), I’m running the tests, of which some succeed, some fail, and some even core dump.

Should the included tests all run and succeed at this point?


(Ubuntu 16.04, 64bit, gcc-build, Python 2.7)

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The python project is not “deprecated”, we still use it a lot. It offers a nice pythonic wrapper around nupic.core for those of us who DO NOT WANT C++ :wink:

If you are just wanting to run NuPIC, I suggest you install it from pip as in the readme.

Thanks, that was a misunderstanding then.
I agree, to evaluate, the pip package would be sufficient. However, for integration into applications, nupic.core would be mandatory (at least from my standpoint - I accept and like Python for prototyping, but not much more.)

So the results of the tests do concern me.
To enhance my question with that in mind: Should I try to find the cause of the errors? Are the tests known to fail or do they indicate a misconfiguration in my system?

The tests should pass, and they regularly do in CI. Click the green badges in the README. However I would not worry about these failures unless you are running nupic.core in the environment you plan to deploy. These failures are most likely to do some environmental issue.

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