Open source podcast

This is just a suggestion. I just attended a presentation from Travis Oliphant, creature of numpy.

If anyone is working on an open source project related to nupic or htm you might want to go on the quansight open source podcast.

Thanks for the suggestion. Are you referring to a specific episode?

No, I’m just aware that there are many systems, perhaps a rewrite of nupic to python 3.7, something matt is working on called simplehtm, and I just though, it’d be amazing that as soon as something was showcase-able, to get more developers interested in helping the creators could go on this podcast and share it. Travis said the podcast is for domain specific projects, so I think a HTM related project is a great thing to showcase and get the word out about on this podcast.

I’m not talking about just listening to the podcast - I’m talking about being interviewed on the podcast. once simplehtm is built, it would be great for Matt to go on there!

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