State of HTM Engine and Nupic?

Hi everyone !

I would like to start hacking with Nupic and HTM Engine but I’m not sure what’s going on and what is the evolution of things.

I just checked the Live Hackers Hangout, it was really interesting, made me understand what’s going on in the community, all the awesome community projects to come, but I still don’t know if it’s the right moment to start hacking.

I found multiple community forks, I read multiple posts here saying that Python 3 is or is not or is partially supported in the forked repo, and that it may not work on Windows and that some other implementations such as nupic.torch are in development. It’s all confusing for a newcomer like me that didn’t follow the evolution of the different projects.

The more I read stuff here, the more I’m confused but also excited haha.

I wish I could directly contribute but my Python knowledge is limited, I recently started using it while learning ML. My main languages are Java and Javascript (mainly node).

So as a newbie here who’s impatient to start hacking with all those tools, what do you suggest me to use ?
(HTM Engine is my favorite project, HTM-Flink is also very interesting. I personally already use AWS Kinesis Analytics with RCF for my personal projects, but would like to use HTM instead and build my own “engine” or extend the existing ones)

I’ll also continue (re)reading the papers meanwhile.

Thanks !

Hi Yanis,

I feel much like you. The best advice I can give you is try to tune in on one of Matt’s Twitch streams. Thursdays’ streams are probably the best for you. The idea is to work on a number of projects, some in Python, some in JS, while educating a broad following of people interested like you and me.

If you can’t make it for the streams, you can always watch them later. And Matt regulary condenses the best parts and post them on YouTube on the HTM School channel.

Welcome aboard. Fasten your seat belt. ;-).


NuPIC and HTM Engine are Python 2, and the Python 2 End of Life is coming in January. We have no plans at all of keeping HTM Engine up to date for this transition, so I suggest you take the lessons learned from this project and apply them to a new HTM platform.

We will have a Python 3 implementation of HTM (either in a new project mapping over nupic.core or nupic.cpp) by the end of the year.

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Thanks for the answers ! Will definitely check the streams. I’m going through HTM School videos right now and also some old tutorials like the hot gym one. After that I think I’ll have a good basic understanding to play with HTM and actively participate in the community.

@rhyolight You’re a magician, your videos are so well made and interesting even for people who are not into AI technically. My friend is watching them just to learn about how the brain works and all the achievable things that can be replicated with a computer.
We’re even believing that you guys are coming from the future to show us the way to AI haha.

Keep up the good work !