Problem designing encoders' fields with multiple value

Hello everyone;
long time follower, first time poster (or seeker) here o/
I am developing a personal project on OPF, and I want to write some encoders with multiple values.
as a single encoder example:

            'encoders': {
                'xxxx': {
                    'fieldname1': u'aaa',
                    'fieldname2': u'bbb',
                    'resolution': 1.00001,
                    'name': u'xxxx',
                    'type': 'RandomDistributedScalarEncoder',}

I may be far from propriate understanding of encoders! so, simply put, How can feed my model with inputs of multiple values for every encoder, like as list or multiple tags, like blew:{‘xxx’: (aaa, bbb)})

thanks for your patiences

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You can’t have two field names for an encoder. Each encoder should encode one field. See the quick start model params for an example.

If you want to do something more custom, like use two pieces of data to encode into one bit array, you should not use the OPF. See the algorithm tutorial, where you will create the encoders yourself.

Thanks rhyolight!!
I didn’t know I can do things much more customized & dynamic with Nupic! :smiley:

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