Proposal: AMA (Ask me anything) topics

The Discourse forum is suitable for a different kind of interaction, one of which is the AMA style. I suggest setting up an AMA category and having a topic for each person who is willing to do an AMA. Ideally, this should be a mixture of Numenta and community people. I’m happy to be guinea pig for the concept, but it’d be great to be joined by @jhawkins, @ddubinsky , @cogmission, @subutai, @rhyolight, @scott, @ycui


This is fine with me, as long as the subject agrees to it first and we can keep them in #off-topic?

I am fine with it too - I think this goes along well with our office hour concept. I think for Jeff and perhaps myself as well, getting a bunch of questions ahead of time that we can answer live during office hours might be easier. I know for me, and probably Jeff, it takes me a while to compose thoughtful written answers. But, I am willing to try a written AMA as well.

I really like the thought of serially focusing on everyone at Numenta and we can include community members as well.


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