Proposal: Move audiostream example out of nupic codebase

I saw this on Gitter today:

He’s talking about:

This is a community-contributed example codebase, but because it is inside the NuPIC repository, it implies that maintainers of the repo will keep it running and up-to-date, yet this is not the case. I don’t think we have tried to run this code in years. It might not even work anymore.

Anyway, since we aren’t maintaining this code, I think we should move it out of NuPIC. I propose we move this code into, where I think more community examples of NuPIC usage should go.

This is not an official vote, but I’m throwing in this poll just to see what the community thinks.

  • Move it out
  • Leave it alone

0 voters

If anyone has a dissenting opinion strong enough to defend, please do!

So anyone want to work on this? Let me know and I can give you push permissions to