Could someone help to run NuPic

Hi Guys,
Sorry to start with this but 2 days after installing NuPic and read your documents I didn’t find how to run your code. I installed NuPic successfully but How can I run it. Sorry I didn’t find anything about it even for one of your sample data.
any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Did you see the quickstart guides?

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for reply, Sorry about my English, It is not my first language.
Yes I read it but it doesn’t help me much, Actually, After I posted here, I found Youtube video close to the thing that I’m looking for:
I think for newbi people like me in community It is very good to find tour to run and find roughly idea about NuPIC enviroment to join the community.
BTW thanks again for your great work and it is appriciated if you can giud me to similar video or doc to run and get idea before start to trace the code and underestanding more.

Use the forum search to find lots of things like nupic tutorials. Here is a useful link turned up by the search:

I think this document will help get you some resources.

Thank you Matthew for help.