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I’m now trying to use in image regocnition problem, when I read the source code ,I found there is only spatial pooler in it , no temporal memory ,does this mean that this can only perform static vision recognition ,and it cannot learn a temporal sequence of images? thanks

The repo is like an extension to NuPIC, not a stand-alone repository. The scripts in that repo assume you have NuPIC installed and uses it in the same way the does.

ok,thank you matt

ok, thank you ,Matt

hello Matt, I’m planning to use nupic for some real world image applications , for example to detect abnormal heart beat images , my question is since the demo of is relatively simple(character recognition), can I use it directly for more complex problem? if not ,what advice would you give me to make some extention/modification of it for it to better suit complex image problems ? thanks you

Probably not. The state of NuPIC today is not the best for tackling vision problems. See this old mailing list post for some discussion about it.

ok ,in this old mailing list there is a address which says may have some hints of how to proceed with the image problem, but I got an 404 error when I clicked it , is the content of this address transfered to somewhere else?

Yes, it was moved:

thank you very much ,Matt