MNIST test problem

I am working now on image_test at nupic.research/projects for MNIST classification.
By running experiment:

I have got the following error:
ERR: Matching Python module for ImageSensor not found. [/home/binh/nupic/nupic.core/src/nupic/engine/RegionImplFactory.cpp line 431]

Could you pls tell me, where can I import the module ImageSensor?

Best thanks, Binh

NuPIC is not tuned to image processing today. We moved all the image-related code into another repository called You can find ImageSensor there:

Best thanks

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Am 01.08.16 um 16:37 schrieb Matt Taylor

I have the same problem,it says "RuntimeError: Matching Python module for ImageSensor not found."
Is the code “from import ImageSensor” correct?

It should be “from import ImageSensor”

We are not actively maintaining because we are not working on any vision problems today. So YMMV there.

Feel free to submit PRs or bug reports to I’d like to get this working again in 2017 as I think it will be a useful sensorimotor test bed.

I’m using the code written by my friend and it works quite well on his computer.The code is for image classification.
The console shows
‘net.addRegion(“sensor”, “py.ImageSensor”,json.dumps(DEFAULT_IMAGESENSOR_PARAMS))’
has some problem.How can I fix this?

I’ve tried but it didn’t work.Maybe it’s a version problem.The code used to work very well based on a former version 0.1.1. dev0. I’m using the latest version.

I just pulled the latest changes from
The only changes I needed to do was change “maxBoost” to “boostStrength” in and remove line 166 sensor.setParameter("explorer",yaml.dump(["Flash"]))
After that it runs for me with the head nupic code from yesterday.

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