Reading notes on Jeff's book "On Intelligence"

I took detailed notes when reading “On Intelligence” by Jeff Hawkins a few years ago.

I don’t know how useful they may be, but if you are curious, you can find them here:

PS: as I said in the other thread, I would advise you to read the whole book if you intend to look further into biological-inspired AI approaches. I liked Jeff’s step-by-step methodological reasoning combined with necessary speculations to build a theory of the neocortex. And even if it dates back to 2004, it’s very interesting to understand how his vision progressivly evolved in today’s HTM.


If you have notes on other books I would be delighted to see them. I see that we are in agreement on the important points in OI. Your analysis of other books could reinforce what I have read and direct my rather limited time to the un-read books most in need of attention.

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Yes I have notes on a few other books, mostly books I read 3 years ago. I may be able to share notes on books by Dehaene, Damasio, and Koch for instance. I will take some time to do it.

Thereafter, I switched to kindle and stopped taking notes for most of my readings (it was too time-consuming, and I felt I could have a better use of my time by reading other books!), or they are far from publishable. And recently, I discovered that I can highlight extracts on my kindle, and then export them. But it is not as good as the first notes I used to take (and I am not sure I can share very long extracts of books on this forum for intellectual property reason).

If other people on the forum has notes on neuroscience books, or reading advice, I’ll be happy to read it too !


I finally took the time to formalize some of my other reading notes.

Two visions of consciousness:

And the last book of Antonio Damasio:

Another very inspirational book that changed my perspective on how to understand brains is the great “The Brain from Inside Out” by György Buzsaki, but sadly I haven’t reading notes to share for this one. Highly recommended read!!

Don’t hesitate if you have reading recommendation.


Thank you very much.
Now I have some reading to do.


Thanks @mthiboust, these notes are really interesting.

In “The Strange Order of Things”, I noticed:

Under certain conditions, neurons can communicate without synapses

I had never come across this before, yet another mechanism for learning algorithms to incorporate!


Yes, I was also surprised by this. It is called “ephapse”.


Thanks a lot @mthiboust for the notes and the suggestions. I read the book the Brain from Inside Out, and it’s really an inspiring one. I wonder if you use the GoodReads platform? or it would be great if we can create a section in the forum about book recommendations.