Related knowledge with HTM?


I am preparing to write my master thesis.It’s about HTM hardware design and simulation data transmission by AXI on FPGA, thus I need to write some similar machine learning or devolop background about HTM.

I searched that similar machine learning information almost compare with LSTM, ELM these two, develop background goes to the biology synapse.

I want to ask if there’re more related work with HTM?

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I’d add Markov Chains too. The learning mechanism in Markov Chains is (to my knowledge) the most structurally similar to the hebbian learning done by the TM (forming new distal dendrite segments as new patterns appear). I’m not up on the latest in Markov Chains, but I remember seeing Hidden Markov Models mentioned a lot a few years ago.

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Thanks for your helping!
I will research this topic and write something with it!

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Some context: I used to work in the same research lab as @q228503. I’ve left now and he’s working on more the HW and math side of stuff (Where I’m not super familiar with). He’s building a FPGA implementation of HTM and needs some reference materials for his paper.



You may be interested in these papers:

Many years ago we wrote a paper; part of it compared HTMs to LSTMs. You can read about that here:

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