Running community fork on Windows

Hii @David_Keeney ,
I delete every thing and start again.
I recived the same error message. The installation try to download package from the internet

Performing download step <download, verify and extract> for ‘mist-download’
using src=
CUSTOMBUILD: error: downloading failed
status code: 6
status_string: “Couldn’t resolve host name”
timeout on name lookup is not supported
getaddrinfo<3> failed for
Couldn’t resolve host ‘
Closing connection 0

@MAK This is very strange. Can you check again and make sure you have this downloaded file within your repository. This should be the file that you downloaded from, copied to your air-gap computer and changed the name.


If that file exist it should be using it rather than trying to download from the web.

I check it now, please update the file in the external folder , it is not contains mnist as external folder that need to be downloaded for air gap computer.

  • Boost.cmake If needed, finds the boost installation. Boost needs to be built with -fPIC so cannot use externally installed.
  • gtest.cmake Downloads and installs googletest 1.8.1
  • pybind.cmake Downloads and installs pybind11 2.2.3
  • yaml-cpp.cmake Downloads and installs yaml-cpp 0.6.2

I will update the status in the continue .

Now after I download the mnist to ThirdParty repository, I received another error during the installation process

CMake Error at external\bootstrap.cmake:60 (message):
Build step for MSVC Re lase Third Party builds failed:1
Call Stack (most recent call first):
CMakeLists.txt:78 (include)


please update the file in the external folder ,

Yes, good catch. It is also missing eigen.tar.bz2. I will fix that. The main at the top of the repository contains the full table of dependencies to download.

Now after I download the mnist to ThirdParty repository, I received another error during the installation process

That error message only says that the dependency builds failed. I will need a little more to go on. Please go to and create a new issue. Then post the entire build log. Perhaps from that I can tell what is breaking.


hii @dmac , thanks for your explanation ,
If I want to build and use the Nupic community edition via Anaconda package (also to add to my site-package) .
How I can do that?

As you can see

Nupic (neither community, numenta) probably does not support Anaconda, but only the standard python.
If you try with anaconda, please let us know your results.

Can I just copy the site-package that creating by the Python environment and put it together in my anaconda site-package environment ?

I copy the nupic.bindings-1.0.7.dev0-py3.7-win32.egg from my Python37\site-packages to anaconda sit-package but Pycharm is not recognize the package…

May someone try to do that (or may I do something wrong?)
P.S: When I am using the NuPIC community , the API and all the function are exactly same to the original version ? (so I can run the same code without any change?)

I post the error logs here

no, well…depends. See our APIChangelog, it’s also linked from the Readme.
If you use the so called NetworkAPI, you can use exactly the same code.
If using python (via the bindings) the code would most likely also work.
For c++ there are some well-documented changes. It is quite simple to change your c++ code for the new API, but it won’t work out of the box.

OK, I am working with algorithm API via python so according to your answer my code will work without any change.

Ok, May you have any example code (for python) ? , how to use it ?
Which package to import etc’? ,

please see the main Readme and follow witht the tests in /bindings/py/ which serve as examples.

Hello @breznak after I finish to install to community package, where I can find the package ?
For example I want to work with PyCharm how I config the package into my environment ?