Science subcategory request: Computational Neuroscience Models

It seems to me that there could be a subcategory of Science for which the description could be something like:

Discussions about how HTM implementations can be used for computational neuroscience1,2 modelling of neurons and their interactions in cortical networks.

(Not for Applications or Machine Learning uses or Tangential Theories - pinned “About this category” post could clarify this?)

Suggestions for improvements to title/description welcome.

  1. Sejnowski, T. J., Koch, C., & Churchland, P. S. (1988). Computational neuroscience. Science , 241 (4871), 1299-1306.
  2. Brette 2012 What is computational neuroscience? (I) (and 35 subsequent posts, particularly ~(IX) The epistemological status of simulations)