Serializing an anomaly detection model

Hi @subutai

Thank you for your quick answer. I tried taking inverse log of the sum of logs of M components and subtracting that from 1 and it seems it is working.
I’ll post an update on it works on my data once it is finalized.

However, I have additional problem now, I need to save the model after observation of a huge data, for sake of performance ( it takes so long to test the huge data which is common in several data files )

I tried using WriteToCheckPoint() method in nupic/src/nupic/frameworks/opf/, However I get error global name “HTMPredictionModelProto” is not defined. Do you have any suggestion how to solve this problem? or is there other way to save the model and re-use it later?



@mmozaffari I’ll try helping you with this, and we’ll pull the conversation off into another thread. Can you tell me some details about how you created your model(s)? The details about serialization is different for each. But you have to find the serializable components and write them out to file.

Hi @rhyolight,

Thanks for your reply.

I am using the the source-code provided in NAB benchmark, I have made some subtle changes, but the model creation is the same as in NAB benchmark.

What I am intending to do is to run the model for a specific huge file once, save it, and for the other data files, use the saved model instead of creating a new model from scratch.

You have an OPF model instance you need to save. Here is a thread that should point you in the right direction:

I tried using this method in order to save/load the model. However, I’m getting error regarding use of HTMPreditionModelProto. the error is that it is not defined.

My question is that does using “HTMPredictionModelProto” depend on capnp and pycapnp ?

I tried installing these two packages, However, It is not straightforward how to install capnp on Windows which results in installation error for pycapnp.

I think it is pycapnp.

I don’t know if pycapnp is supported on Windows. We don’t package up capnp with our windows builds. This type of serialization only works on Linux or OS X. I’m sorry to tell you.

Thank you for your clarification. I will start trying it on Linux.

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