Serializing HTMPredictionModel for anomaly detection with cap'n proto

I searched the forum for this topic before posting but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. I am using the model factory to create opf.htm_prediction_model.HTMPredictionModel, I have made some predictions and I would like to serialize the model.

I found nupic’s prototypes for serializing different components here but I don’t see any for the models? Should we not use the OPF if we would like to do this? Perhaps we need to serialize smaller components instead? It’s a little confusing because the model factory doesn’t require you to build any of those more detailed data structures to use it.

There was discussion on this here:

Basically, OPF is deprecated and you are better off using the Network API if you want to serialize with capnproto.

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What about the algorithms API?

With the algorithms API you can more easily save the state of the SP and TM. See here.

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Under the hood the algorithms api is manipulating the spatial and temporal pooler? Problem is that I just want to serialize the Anomalylikelihood model, not the underlying parts as I don’t create those manually myself (like in the serialization example)

See details about the algorithms API here. It is the SP and TM. There is no AnomalyLikelihood model when you use it. That is a part of the OPF. See a quickstart for each of the 3 APIs here.


I got the HTMPredictionModel to serialize, but a single model is 2.9 MB (20 samples). I got the AnomalyLikelihood model to serialize too (1000 samples) and it was 26KB.

How did you do it? Did you just call on it? Or did you pull out the algorithms and serialize them with capnp?

HTMPredictionModel has write/read methods that work with capnproto: (line 1321)

right above it at line 1317 there is a method getSchema(), which returns the correct capnproto schema file

That’s great, I had no idea.

Thanks for finding this. I will try it out when I get a chance this week.