Set up CI services



I’ll double check, but it shouldn’t. Note for now I only managed to touch the c++ fork.
Travis OSX is a pain point, I’m waiting for circleCI to “open” the OSX free builds for us. So far I “hacked” your builds and (additionally) open a PR to numenta/nupic.core to get all builds running with your tests.


I will be abandoning my local fork of nupic.core and will use the new htm-community/nupic.cpp fork. All of my work for the C# interface is in new files so I can stick those into nupic.cpp repository when I get them working. This will take a while because there are a lot of classes to wrap.

I re-arranged what I have a little so that the C# interface is more parallel to what @chhenning did for Python. It will go into folder nupic/csharp if that is Ok with everyone.

I am finally finish with Jury Duty so I will have some time to get some work done now.

@heilerm if you are looking for something to do, you can look at what functionality of the Python code (from repository) you will need and start porting them to C#. In C# the core classes will have the same names as in cpp except they will have a “cs_” prepended. For example, cs_Region will be the C# wrapper for the Region class.


Alright, I’ll look into that.