Technological Viability of a true AI Agent this decade

I was researching on the topic on the Engineering viability in terms of processing power needed to build something of what can be objectively be called as a True AI Agent, that can prove that its intelligent either through speech or navigation or just mix of 2 or more skills (Modalities) to prove one AI agent can merge learnings across its modalities and draw provable conclusions from its knowledge.

The best Computation you can extract from a Azure / Amazon HPC Instance per second: 1 PFLOP
Total Computation power of Brain per Second : 10^15 ( 1 Peta FLOPS.)

Seems like if Computation is not a problem ?
Is it a tech problem ? Meaning we havent cracked the algorithm yet which can extract data from any kind of problem by itself without the need for giving it humongous amounts of data to it?

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From a semiconductor perspective we can make enough compute for the purpose, but the missing magic is the right code.

When that right magic comes along compute ability/technology will already be far more than what would be required (i.e. your AI will run far faster than a human).

Current models alread learn with far more information than a stadium full of people can hold, understand and process. So, that magic algo will also be capable of learning with far less data.

Think about how much information as a digital equivalent of text a human needs to become “intelligent”…


What’s to say we haven’t already cracked it, but the algorithms are slow learners? It takes years for a human to display significant intelligence. Very expensive.

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Humans who cannot read are still intelligent. A crow or an ape is intelligent.

Reading just gives you domain-specific knowledge and skill faster than other ways.