The current state of Etaler and future plans (and future research)

It have been slightly more than a year since I started building Etaler for my graduation project. Now that’s done. I want to share about what Etaler is now and what the future will be. (I’ll get my project report out soon, I promise)

The current status

As of now Etaler is capable to handling most HTM algorithms and encoders. Supports both computing on CPU and GPU. Basically a faster and cleaner version of NuPIC. I also have added a Python binding via the help of cppyy. And hosted documentation on readthedocs.

The Future

I started out building Etaler for my graduation project. So I don’t have much to do with it after I graduated. With out external interest I’m just going to update it as I find bugs or need extra feature for whatever HTM experiment I’m doing. However, as of now we are using Etaler as a reference for a HTM chip design and a proper reinforcement learning paper. Therefor I’ll still actively develop it for at least half a year (or 1.5 years if the development takes longer).

In conclusion, I wish I can show you two new papers in the next 0.5 to 1.5 years and my project report in a month. :stuck_out_tongue: