This Is My Theory of Human Consciousness

This Is My Theory of Human Consciousness.

Consider the entire human brain is entirely made up of one type of neuron, which is a brain cell. The neuron has many output tentacles called axons, like output wiring of a computer. The neuron has many input tentacles called dendrites, like the input wires of a computers. The middle region of the neuron between the axons and dendrites is a fat region called neuron body. As neuronal signals pass along the dendrites down the body, the signal chaotically shoot signals out the axons. If there is little inputs to the dendrites, there is little output down the axons. If there are many inputs to the dendrites at the same time, there will be bigger explosion of the axons outputs, meaning more energy is produced at the output.

The neurons are connected together end-to-end axons to dendrites. Memories are stored in the links between the neurons. Signals transmitted between neurons are sent by the release of protein molecules called neurotransmitters. There is a saying “use it or lose it”, meaning the more you use the memory the stronger is the memory. There are protein guns at the ends of the axons, and they signals the other neurons by shooting protein molecules, neurotransmitters, at the other neurons. Upon the reception of the neurotransmitters, the other neurons accept the signals. The neurotransmitters are received at the other neurons through some protein molecules receivers. The guns, the neurotransmitters, and the receivers are all protein molecules of different types.

The generalization of consciousness is that thoughts exist as balls of energy of neurons shooting all over the place. They shoot all over the place but the places of highest likelihood of hitting are where the “use it or lose it” connections are at. Each ball of energy contains the main thought and the components of the thought. The main thought could be the thought of such things as a laptop. The laptop has components such as keyboard, screen, memory, and CPU. Everything has components. Every words have components such as letters and meanings. The thoughts and the components are interlinked together, and feeding each other. The identity of the thought is the links to the components. To know or understand an object in the mind you need to know the components of the object in the mind. It’s like to know a word you need to know its definition. Without knowing the definition or some meaning of the word, your memory of the word is very much worthless. A thought of an object in the mind is similar, because it is mainly an ensemble of parts or components.

Happiness is low or high stable (unreactive, unchanging) energy spread out over large areas in the brain. The result of happiness energy is that you want to stay in one place of happiness forever. Pain is unstable high energy localized in one small place. The result of pain energy is that you want to run away from the place causing the pain, or want to kill the enemy causing the pain. The ball of unstable energy spreads out and transforms to create new thoughts such as running away, or killing the enemy, or other things. Sometimes high energy over large can also be pain if the energy is too high to be handled over the area. The area can be ruptured and the energy be identified as pain. Such energy can be identified as unstable, which means reactive. There is no one area of pain in the brain. Pain signals can be everywhere in the brain. Evidence of high brain activity is pain in places: blinding bright light, loud noises, and huge cut on the body: blinding bright light, loud noises, and huge cut on the body.

Think of memorization in the brain as a process of “carving” or burning in information like the burning of information in a CDROM. Memorization in the brain is a process of creating pathways connecting points between points. For example, you memorize a solution to a problem, and the next time you encounter the problem you just go back the old pathways, and the solution to the problem will be shown to you automatically. As you memorize more, more pathways will be burned and more components will be created. As a pathway is created, the probability moving from one point to another (problem point to solution point) increases if the problem point in encountered. It’s called accessibility between points. It has become more accessible to get from that one point to that another point.

Brain cells walls (lipid membrane bilayers) are made up of fat molecules that can be found in meats. The more of those fats in the brain the better it is. The best materials for the brain are the proteins (meats, milk, egg), those fats, some sugars for energy productions, and maybe a little bit of alcohol. I heard people drinking a bit of alcohol now and then gets smarter, but I am not sure.

How to produce stable memories of thoughts: have good brain with good chemicals, add a lot of components to the memories to make the memories as big as possible. Having good brain with good chemicals allow the neuron signals to travel farther, making the thoughts bigger. Having bigger thoughts means it is easier to initiate or self-start and idea. It is harder to initiate, self-start, an idea than to learn the idea from vision and hearing, because there is no helping.

In the brain there are jamming effects of thoughts, which are about bigger ball of energy interfering with smaller ball of energy to shut down the smaller ball of energy. An example is some people having trouble reading book while in a crowd that is constantly making noises. Sound signals enter the brain before the visual signals of the words from the book and causing interference. If you have a good brain, you won’t have such effect of interference. Some people can’t function well because they activate too many things in their mind at the same time when needing to solve a problem. Their brain gets jammed up because of overactivation.

A big ball of energy would be something such as the ego. The ego is built up since childhood through many things such as sensors activities from the hands, tongues, skins and others. Just a theory. The ego identifies the person. A man feels happy seeing a beautiful woman is because of the activation of the ego. That’s high stable energy. Upon seeing the beautiful woman the man’s ego bonds with the visual signals about the woman. The man is now the woman because his ego takes on her ID. A man feel pain when his wife cheats on him. It’s when his ego gets in an unstable high energy state. Such pain proves that pain is not about activating pain receptors such as nociceptors. Nociceptors may cause high energy pain, but I think their activation are not pain themselves. It’s the unstable high energy that is pain. How sounds in a song are organized also shows that pain and happiness are about the stable and unstable energy. If the sounds are organized correctly, the song is pleasant to listen to. When the sounds are not organized correctly, the song is unpleasant to listen to.

Exercising is good for the body and the brain because while exercising the heart-rate increases, and there is more blood flow, and more nutrients flow to the brain. While exercising, chaotic energy shoots everywhere and toward the heart, and that is why the heartrate increases with exercising. Chaotic energy can cause interference effect, and that is why some people cannot exercise very long. There is too much chaotic energy and interference for those type of people (That include me and maybe many Vietnamese also). One reason is maybe because of their brain cells are too dense, and the cells interlink together too much. Because of that the person with dense brain feel more pain while exercising. To fix that the person must develop stronger willpower, which is developing bigger and more stable thoughts of exercising while exercising. Try running the marathon because that requires very strong willpower.
Exercising upper-body parts is also good for the heart. Light exercise over longer period is better than heavy exercise over short period because the heart benefits more.

Creative people have brains that have neurons that flow signals well. Their signals keep flowing and their thoughts keep on transforming without much interference. Smart people learn from truth and transform their thoughts from there rather than transforming their thoughts from whatever they want. Those people learn from real life experience, real life experiments and from others in books.

Reading books and watching movies are training the inputs of the brain, while talking to yourself or writing essays without external aid of visual or audio inputs are training the outputs of the brain. I often talked to myself by thinking about certain things in the past or what I am looking at to train my output parts of the brain. Training the output parts of the brain is to generate a thought deep within the brain and shoot it out to your muscles to speak, to write or to exercise. A times while driving in my cars or watching some movies, I used to speak out loud to describe what was happening. Exercising the output is exercising the part of the brain that is farther away from the input of the brain.

The leg in the human brain is in the middle part of the brain, and it is very close to the input of the brain. The hand and fingers in the brain are further toward the inside of the brain than the leg. They are higher up, so exercising them more will benefit your outputs training, according to my theory anyway. Outputs training is about generating energy balls in the deeper parts of the brain and shooting them out to your muscles. According to the my “use it or lose it” knowledge, if you use the deeper parts of the brain more, the deeper parts will be activated easier later, because more proteins and cells will develop there more later. Afterward, your inputs activities will improve, meaning your inputs signals will travel farther than before.

Secret to have strong inner energy: hold the desire to speak or write essays in English for very long times without the energy dying out. It’s also the desire to run for a very long time without giving up, or doing pushups or jumping jacks for many times without giving up. To do all that the thoughts of doing those things must be big and stable, meaning they must be unchanging and happy in place.

My 3 life rules: 1-Produce what people need more than needing what people produce. Law of of supply and demand: you’ll go broke if you spend too much.
2-Follow your own reality, rather than following fiction or other people realities not related to your own. Do not be delusional and be awake at all time to know who
you are. Be aware of your capabilities so that you won’t waste time doing the impossible.
3-Be a problem solver rather than a troublemaker. Learn how to convert a bad situation into a good situation for you and for other people, because it is good for you.
Those 3 rules above are Y Thien Kiem. The Ma Dao is the ego. An Y Thien Kiem is a double edge sword in the brain that can be used to chop up things various ways. The Ma Dao is a one-edge sabre that can cut one way only. It is used to provide energy to do the things you want to do. Use it too much will drive you crazy, without the right technique to subdue the Ma Dao. It is not possible to subdue the Ma Dao of some human brains of some Vietnamese males. Those males will not accept being female no matter what, even if they die. There can only one Ma Dao person. There can be many Y Thien Kiem person, but they take up too much space in the brain if there are too many of them, and that makes them harder forgetful to follow.

2 Rules of Entertainment: 1-Connect and 2-Unpredictable. Apply for movies and songs and other things.
1-Connect: Links with expectation in a good way. If you like to see Sci-Fi movies, you would not want to see a Romance movie. Sometimes you want to see yourself positively in a movie. Connect in music is saying one phrase then repeating with changes, then repeating with changes, and until it feel uncomfortable to repeat. Then make new phrase, and then redo the repeats with this new phrase. They should all connect somehow. The result is the electrical movements over large areas. Writing music is similar to writing poetry.
2-Unpredictable: People having knowledge of spoilers of a movie have less desire to see the movie. A repetitive song is boring to listen to. While listening to a repetitive song, a
person’s mind plays the song ahead of time in time over and over again. At the same time the song is heard, the song inside and the song outside the brain collide, causing both to cancel each other out and causing boredom. Unpredictable also means complex. The more complex the song the more stimulation. But a complex song needs to connect internally or chaos will appear, and that causes pain.

Truong-Son Nguyen


Welcome to the site, you might profit from reading Hameroff (Stuart) and Penrose (Roger), specifically ORCH-OR theory. After getting past some of the cosmological consciousness hand-waving, the base idea is loosely what you seem to be describing above.

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