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As a StakeOverflow fan, I’d suggest that this forum have some system to filter post relevancy in order to people vote which questions or informative post are really relevant to community (by clicking a Thumbs Up button) and which are not (off-topic or redudant posts) (by clicking a Thumbs Down button). This voting system also is very useful when you are looking for a best solution, i.e. instead of you read post by post, the most voted post appears on the top. In other words, I think this improvement would boost this forum a lot!

Just my 2 cents…


Hi David! Nice to see you again!

Each post has a little heart icon that users can click to indicate they like the post, which is equivalent to a “thumbs up”, but there is no thumbs down. Although there is a flag that anyone can use to indicate a post they think is inappropriate.

Hi @david-ragazzi, long time no see!

This forum doesn’t have nested replies (which you do have in StackOverflow and Reddit), so the posts are arranged only by time/date.

Also, this is a small community, and I don’t think downvoting makes any sense in our context.

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Hi guys,

Nice to see you too! I’m around reading most posts but keeping quiet… At moment, I’m creating a virtual world (using game engine) to simulate a (future) primitive artificial brain based on HTM to test some cognitive functions. In some months, I hope have news.

About this post:
@rhyolight Yep, maybe these buttons work in palliative mode while this is a small community as @fergalbyrne say. But in the future when there are discussions with 5, 10, 25, 50, pages of discussion about a same problem or matter, ranking posts will be more effective for those newbies interessed on matter but without time and patient to read throught all discussion to came a conclusion. By the way, this new user could choose between show the discussion by ranked posts or by time/date. It’s too earlier discuss ranked and nested posts, but it’s interesting continue thinking about as the forum and the community grows.

Those are worthy ideas, David, but I am going to trust Discourse. They’ve spent a lot of time designing this platform, with civil conversation in online communities in mind. Like they say in their FAQ:

Our trust system means that the community builds a natural immune system to defend itself from trolls, bad actors, and spammers — and the most engaged community members can assist in the governance of their community. We put a trash can on every street corner with a simple, low-friction flagging system. Positive behaviors are encouraged through likes and badges. We gently, constantly educate members in a just-in-time manner on the universal rules of civilized discourse.

I’m going to wait and see how well this works. It’s too early to tell, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Discourse from others who’ve used it. And I have direct experience building communities with older forums like PHPBB, and this is certainly much better.

Don’t get me wrong… It seems that this platform is really good, and I’m not suggesting that this forum MUST have nested posts right now, but it’s just a personal observation of a natural trend that I see in many foruns… In the future, it could be worthy consider this depending on how the discussions go behave…