You can help moderate HTM Forum

I know a lot of you already use these features, but I wanted to point them out again. It really helps me to see what topics and posts are the most popular amongst our community.

:heart: Like the posts that help you

At the bottom of each post, you can see this bar with a little grey heart on it:

You can use this heart button to provide positive feedback to the author of the post. I use this when I see a post I like, or that is informative, useful, helpful, etc. The more people like posts, the more we can all see the best parts of HTM Forum. So start liking posts today! Start with this one! :wink:

:flag_black: Flag the posts you don’t want to see

If you click on the ellipsis button…

You’ll expand the menu bar to expose some more options. One of them is a grey flag:

This is an anonymous way to report a post that you do not like. When you flag a post, it gets reported to a forum moderator to investigate and take action if necessary.

There are many reasons you might flag a post:

  • it’s off-topic and needs to be moved into another category
  • it’s starting a new topic the splits the conversation and needs to be broken into a new thread
  • it’s inappropriate or offensive (that’s never really happened here, but you never know on a public forum)
  • it provides inaccurate or wrong information about something

When you flag something, no one knows you did it except forum staff, so no worries about retribution. :slight_smile:

And just FYI…

:bookmark: Bookmark that post to read later

The last useful thing in this menu bar is the bookmark button:

Click this to add this post to your bookmarks, where you can easily come back and read theses posts later.