Export thread to pdf/printable

There are great discussions here, ones that need re-reading, perhaps some more reflection and brainstorming. Most importantly, they are organically built by diverse and important backgrounds and experiences that relate to HTM theory. For example, the 1+ year worth of discussion about Intelligence vs Consciousness is a great living reference.

My Q is, is there a standard way to export these discussions to PDF? I’m a bit of an old school, I treat interesting topics and discussion by making hard copies of them. :grin:

edit: Would I be violating a community rule if Im able to do this?



In your web browser (I’m using chrome), press ctrl+p, then click the “destination” button and click “save to pdf”. Or you can just print them.

Unless you want export a bunch of different discussions, in which case you may just have to do the above multiple times.

Cool thanks. Would you happen to know how to automatically expand every section and export the whole page as a document?

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