HTM Learning Circle (HLC) and new meeting(s)

Today was the 12th HLC conf call. We have grown into two learning circles to cover the time zones with more comfort for everyone. The timing of the meeting on Tuesday is now 14h30 UTC. A second circle met last Sunday and is scheduled weekly at 20h00 UTC Sundays. People are welcome to attend one or both. There is plenty of space if new people would like to participate. Please just let me (Tuesdays) or @CollinsEM (Sundays) know. The goal is to support each other learning more about HTM and related topics. The more the merrier!


I’m may be interested in participating. This is the first time I’m hearing about the HLC. Do you have any more information regarding HLC?

Hi @gururise, there is a brief document with some early ideas about HLC. To share the Google Drive folder I will need your email - you could share it by private message on this forum. Which day/time works for you?

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