HLC 2020 01 19 15h30 UTC

On the 21st will be the 7th HTM Learning Circle conference call at 15h30 UTC. The last couple of calls have focused on learning more about grid cell modules, for example, discussing the last paper that Numenta published.

If you would like to participate then please let me know. Ideally the group would be around 8-10 people, then we would probably have calls with 4-6 people because here are always unexpected events that mean not everyone can join. A couple of people had to drop off the calls in 2021 so we are currently five participants.

The idea of HLC is to have a supportive group of people interested in HTM that want to learn more. The calls are via video-conference and we target a length of 1.5hrs All levels of knowledge about HTM are welcome. The next discussion will be on the theme of grid cell modules.