Can we obtain a PDF version of this book?

High schooler here, who is very interested in the HTM theory and have been doing ML for quite some time. I really wanted to read Hawkins’ book on this thinking that it would provide me a good backbone to further read up about the topic (currently I am watching the Youtube series).

Can we get a free PDF version of this book so that people who may not be able to purchase it might be able to read about what Hawkins has to say and discuss it? My parents frown when purchasing such expensive books that are not for coursework :frowning: and I believe a free version would help many people to read up on the theory and learn what Mr.Hawkins has to convey

Thanks in advance

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contact me with your address and I will buy it/order it/ for you.


Haha, that’s pretty nice of you. But I don’t think that’s a very viable solution. still, I really appreciate your gesture :slight_smile: :hugs: :heart: