UK exiting the EU

I never thought this would happen. It’s very sad to me that we are moving away from global solidarity and backwards towards more nationalism and eventually war.

This is also very scary as an American to know this type of thing is possible as we approach our next crazy presidential election. I try to keep focused on technology and not politics, because I feel so helplessly frustrated in the political realm (where are all the moderates in the US?).

Sorry to be a bummer, but this is really bothersome and I just wanted an outlet. :confused:

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To quote Edward Snowden:

No matter the outcome, #Brexit polls demonstrate how quickly half of any population can be convinced to vote against itself. Quite a lesson.

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An apt quote Helge. I was sure that my fellow Brits would act sensibly, but awoke today to this shock!

On the bright side, I think this is encouraging to those of us working to develop human level artificial intelligence.

Recent events show that this turns out to be not quite such a high bar after all.



Interestingly, the simple majority vote to leave the EU is right in line with Title 2 of EU treaty, which declares that decisions must be taken as closely as possible to citizens. This appears to be an interesting example of one of the flaws in pure democracies – short-term popular movements or crisis can quickly lead to rash decisions being made. (not saying that UK exiting the EU was a necessarily a rash decision – I don’t know enough about UK politics to know how long this has been in the works)

The actual referendum was a campaign pledge of David Cameron made (three years ago, if I remember correctly) to quieten the conservative wing of his party before the last election.

Questioning the EU membership has a long tradition in the UK. The first referendum was held in 1975. The whole debate has been fueled lately by the recent EU problems (financial crisis, refugee crisis) and a growing national conservative political movement all over Europe.

Short term tough decision, long term I think UK made the right choice.
EU is becoming more and more soul crushing bureaucracy, resembling the last century communist countries. Memory fades so fast ;), it was just ~25 years ago.

Wouldn’t get too upset about it. I wrote this this morning (before Cameron resigned, before Scexit was announced), having said most of it in the last few weeks:


Talking about memory, I haven’t heard any one (including journalists) reminding us why the European Union was built in the first place. This was right after WW II, the name was Society of Nations at the time and the primary goal was to bring durable peace and stability… The most worrying aspect of the Brexit is not so much that UK is leaving EU but the reasons that were used to convince UK people that leaving EU was the right thing to do : populism and exacerbated nationalism (does this remind you of something ?..)

This being said there is a problem with EU right now, no question about that. It is way too bureaucratic primarily because it grew too fast over the pas 30 years. Going so fast from 11 countries to 27 was a major mistake. But as we say over here this is no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Sorry for the noise. I too had to find an outlet after what we went through yesterday.

@fergalbyrne It will be nice if your predictions become a reality, because as @rhyolight says it would be a tragic setback for the world to retreat from unification. Hopefully this is just an internal “corrective” adjustment.

3 year down the road they won’t even have invoked article 50 to leave. Delay is the only bargaining chip they have.

Do you remember Dr. Theopolis from Buck Rogers? I foresee a possible future where politicians are replaced by super-intelligent AI to govern and pass law (and yes, I’m being serious :slight_smile: ). Perhaps, in the not too distant future HTM might play a role in bringing into existence intelligent entities that will help us make better choices. Until then, I feel you on the dissolution of the UK. Pretty sketchy stuff, for sure.