Wish I could say this was funny...?

Ugh, can we not have any political stuff here in HTM forum… pretty please? :slight_smile:

I don’t agree with an embargo on politics. I long for a world in which politics can be considered irrelevant to people doing science, but it’s recently become all too relevant.

For anyone interested in hiring graduate students, or graduate students interested in travelling to wherever in the world the best research is being done, the current state of affairs is pretty worrisome.

As someone who travels a lot for conferences, I also wish I could say it was funny. Many robotics and AI conferences are held in the US. Should I be worried about travelling there? Unclear at this point, but should definitely be considered a legitimate topic of conversation.

Hey Ryan, you can ignore this forum in your settings. It is going to remain unmoderated unless something bad happens :grimacing:.

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I know I wrote the original topic, but I have to say I have mixed feelings. I mean, I “feel” your point of view @mccall.ryan… I mean - the world’s already gone to s#$&, why dwell on it? We already know we’re in a pickle and fascism is impending.

But then I remember how all of Europe put their heads in the sand back in the 30’s, and look what happened then?

I guess sometimes being appropriate is not the same thing as being “comfortable”?

I don’t know - I can see both sides. HTM Theory is important work - and we’re going to change the world with it, sometimes I wonder if all things surrounding it should just be a “safe-haven” where we concentrate on the core contribution?

Cool, thx Matt.

Funny as a dead parrot.

@dotsteve, I refer you to this…

One answer: Canada

Hi @cogmission,

I’ old enough to have seen it the first time it came around,

Long live the Onion!