Universe approach to life

I want you to listen to me carefully because I am trying to tell you guys a story that can be proved technologically. I might turn in to a below average artist who simply hallucinate things I hope some of you find me relevant before that happens. Think about the human evolution. Think of the first human as a tiny machine that can hardly receive and store data. Now like NY other machine the ‘tiny’ human machine needs energy. The machine don’t want to switch off all of a sudden like some thing else some form of matter we are not familiar with tends the processor of that machine to build a brain tissue that expands and find out the true meaning of the universe. We don’t know where we begun. We might never know. But what if we can collect the better qualities of a human being in a machine and let it design a society some where else. For that we need to be able to code the mind of a human being. Now back to the concept of evoluation. At the very starting moment think of it as the birth of a baby somewhere in this large diverse world and we look into that kid as a single point among the million points that surrounds him as the human conscious. Now that tiny machine is growing skills in order to sustain the idea of ‘life’. That’s based on the biological stability and humans took care of it from the beginning. Some machines who were spiritual and philosophical who had no much idea of the world (they didn’t know their brain is just getting developed). They tried to design and Unite this world thought that future generations will obey their commands and live a life they hallucinate. Now the brain cells are not familiar with the society and the handful of machines existed wer focusing on the one point they wer obsessed about and the cells wer growing up to make them understand highly detailed structure of the universe and science so that they couldn’t think of how the world can be greedy diverse and fill with violence. Now slowly the population increases and the concept of buissines and money overtook the world. That’s the world we live today. Now what if we can plot life in a super computer that follows the evolution of humans and plant the idea of self degeneration and highly spiritual thinking capacity can be formed in the near future. So that we can be the imperfect human beings and choose to fight each other keep dividing us not letting others to follow their passion at the same time generate a society of ideal human nature and let them solve the complex details of life through technology. About the structure of the Super computer I am talking, in the next post. And I can remember some one said what’s wrong with this world is we are so busy looking for infinity while people who can really make a difference looked at you from the infinity

From my perspective, a couple of problems crop up during this thought experiment.

Firstly, one of the reasons that grand social planning experiments which grant enormous powers to a centralized governing body, is that no one person (or a handful of elites) can truly know all possible situations of every person under their control. Their grand designs may work out for 99% of the population, but the remaining 1% suffer. The social planners try to solve each problem that crops up by adding more and more complexity to the system, and further reducing the individual liberties of the populous. “The more the plans fail, the more the planers plan”.

So for this idea to even have a chance of working, the machine in question would first need to be a super intelligence capable of doing what has been proven again and again cannot be done by a single benevolent dictator or handful of elitists. Additionally, it would need access to enormous amounts of data to be able to make choices which negatively impact the fewest number of people possible.

Secondly, who gets to decide what are the “better qualities” of a human being? Just as one example, from the tone of your post (correct me if I am wrong), it seems as though you consider capitalism to be a bad quality (“buissines and money overtook the world”). I on the other hand think that the concept of private property is a basic human right, and business is the natural outcome of that right. You and I would probably disagree about whether or not this was one of the “better qualities” that the machine should be endowed with.

There are many, many other points besides capitalism, which would be difficult to come to a universal agreement on whether or not to endow the machine. And once a decision is made, then I suppose the populous who disagree just have to shut up and color? Is there any recourse in this society for individuals who have moral objections to the rules of the society? And how are those rules enforced when individuals decide to disobey them?

Just some thoughts I had when reading this… I expect you were coming at this from a philosophical perspective rather than a political one, so hopefully I haven’t offended :slight_smile:


You are a perfect mind reader you see that’s xctly what I am talking about here. What if all that is wrong with the way humans think is, the better thinking individuals are forced to develop their point of obsessions stretching one of their ability that inspires them (goal) and the process of reasoning was being controlled by entities implanted in the mind by the social interaction with other machines with out providing sufficient initial knowledge of compation And love. I am suggesting a data structure that just looks like the universe which tells you the story of evolution of humans as a typical machine, that works on a machine.

Ok let me go little deeper on what I have been thinking. When a human is born he doesn’t posses the ability to feel or understand but he still has a brain of a human. Now what do their brain do when they don’t use it for solving problems. They just consume food to maintain the growth of their body. Now at some point the brain starts working. I’m replacing brain with ‘mind’. Mind knows the body is expanding and it knows that brain also should expand. Yeah mind is the control unit that coordinate our processor (brain) with memory and other functions.I believe we all interact with the society and it begins from home. This is communication. We will start communicating by analysing the voices we record (language). Now the mind can’t just stop there it has to expand. It keep filling memory with more data when the individual starts to learn more. Now society is starting to make an impact on the mind. Not to forget mind development begun from home where the elders provided the fundamental knowledge for communication and problem solving. We can figure out that the society is a larger domain which has a bigger collection of data. Now the individual mind will start communication with the society. Now this is the time when they form their views of life. The mind posses some features from the birth itself. We don’t have to bother about it. There is inequality in the world because this views vary according to how intelligent the mind is. Back to evolution, now dfrent mind set dfrent goals in the brain of human beings.some one obsessed with science some others wer obsessed with designing we have to define the process of designing life here. Life can be designed in many ways like purely theoretical (relatively complex),systematically. No one approached life systematically during the evolution, I can prove that. Theoretical design was implemented in the spiritual level and scientific level. Both these approaches seems to be failed if you can analyse those individuals them produced. One is religious people who believed way of life is the solution and we have to design the way we do things. Which has never had any reasonable logic or explanation. Now the second type of individual tried to design life by theoretical studies people who formed the most complex scientific theories. This stream of people wer being populated in larger numbers while another stream of average thinking individuals became the majority of the world population. They made money a medium of trasfer. Society started implanting the ideas of life in the mind through various layers of machine to machine interactions. Can’t seem to continue typing. I really want to write a paper on it, make it a research. It’s 3 am and I can’t sleep. I am highly motivated by the idea of artificial intelligence. And I have a high level of trust in the genuinity of my approach

Some body please enlighten me about the relevance of the approach I am trying to execute hete.


Proofs exist only in mathematics !!

Yes sir that’s what I am talking about. Maths and science is the only tool we have to make a better place. But not via imperfect human machines. That’s why we need to develop not only the brain but the mind that controls it