Using various encoders in swarming


I’m trying to build a system to analyze variations in the price of various currencies using NuPIC. At the moment I’m actually testing swarming over an initial set of around 10k data points and wanted to see how swarming behaves with various encoders, however when trying to force it in the SWARM_CONFIG to use, for example, a DeltaEncoder or RandomDistributedScalarEncoder by specifying the “encoderType”, I get this message:

`RuntimeError: Unsupported encoder type 'DeltaEncoder'`

From looking into the /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nupic/swarming/exp_generator/ file, I can see that this has not been implemented in the swarming mechanism - am I wrong? Is there a way to use these or other encoders in swarming for scalar (float or integer) data? And if there is, how can one do this in the SWARM_CONFIG?

Thank you,
Alex R.

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You are correct, the DeltaEncoder is not included in swarming. It only uses a subset of our encoders. There is no easy way to include them except dig into the swarming codebase and add them. I have not looked into the complexity of doing this, but you could create an issue.

Hi Matt,

Thank you for the quick reply and the clarifications. It’s too bad this is not implemented yet, but I guess no pain, no gain… I’ll try to dig more into the code and see if I can come up with a solution on my own then.

Thanks again,
Alex R.