Want opinions on a backpropagation article

Hi, I just want to start by saying I have no programming education (besides some playing around on my own) and I am definitely not a Neuroscience, I just have a general interest in AI and discovered Jeff’s two books and it got me more interested in AI models that are more accurately based on how the brain works.

Anyway I thought I would start off by asking what the community thought of this article https://www.quantamagazine.org/brain-bursts-can-mimic-famous-ai-learning-strategy-20211018/

which is based on this paper https://www.researchgate.net/publication/340348817_Burst-dependent_synaptic_plasticity_can_coordinate_learning_in_hierarchical_circuits/fulltext/5e848c67299bf130796e20e1/Burst-dependent-synaptic-plasticity-can-coordinate-learning-in-hierarchical-circuits.pdf?origin=publication_detail <\p>

Does it seem plausible that the brain can do its own version of backpropagation?<\p>

We already have a discussion on that paper: Burst as a local learning rule in apical but not basal dendrites