What is your IQ?


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    [/poll]I had a discussion with a young adult today whom asked me “How high IQ do you think one must have to study X or to get a PhD”. I was a bit surprised by the question so I googled it and surprisingly found a lot of blog posts and articles about it.

So basically I am just curious as how high IQ you (very smart) folks have that have had it measured? Don’t take this too seriously and please no debates of the usefulness of IQ testing and methods :slight_smile: This is extremely unscientific and just for fun. I would even go so far as calling it anti-scientific.

I will go first. I have had a pretty steady stream of IQ tests since I was 18 and had to do testing for the military (at that time) mandatory draft, going on to doing IQ tests at work interviews and so forth.

So my IQ history is as follows: 18y: 123 -> 118 -> 126
current is 126

I lowered my own IQ successfully by eating and living unhealthy. After rectifying the situation it bounced back up again.

My mistake the anonymous poll did not make it for some reason!



IQ is related to pattern recognition and problem solving I believe.
I have slightly above average but can be ridiculously stupid at times.

Looking at results thus far I would say they actually confirm a tendency to higher IQ among community members

Unfortunately I can’t really give a precise answer because mine often fluctuates. For example, I tend to have a high eye queue when Im waiting to see my optometrist.

I know the feeling. My blood pressure spikes when they are measuring it :}

Metabolic rate is a good indicator of intelligence. Which makes sense if
you consider how energetically expensive a brain is.

This discussion about how important is the IQ, remember me of my times on secondary school where many guys I have met there had the highest IQ rates. However today they live as common people without any great contribution to society (neither a miserable article about any useful matter), many of them working in ordinary (and boring) jobs. Take a look at famous William Sidis example, where his IQ is estimated between 200 and 300 (actually I think it’s very exaggerated). In the end, his works were little relevant, and his social life was a tragedy. In my last tests (I did just for fun), I had a higher IQ than the ordinary population, but this don’t guide my life, I prefer be recognized to my wife and (future) childrens, friends, and society in general through my works and creations, not just my IQ, and with the first condition of that these works do not hinder my social life and humor.

Absolutely agreed!