About the brain from the inside

Hi all, for some years now, I have been preoccupied with the brain.

Which needs a little intro: I closed my eyes and found out there to be a thought-window. So I began with interpreting colors for general principles. After this I could interpret my thought-window-content a bit. Next i got further, I found out that on the left and right of this thought-window lied 2 ‘soul’ objects, namely yellow on the left and red on the right. On the left are 8000 (my estimate) points that the brain has ready to be applied (for example, if you want to study it, you do it with the imagination (for now)). Next on the right (red) we have normal intelligence, i estimated 6700 intelligence points later. Now I wrote some (a lot) of those points on my computer (1 to 1601), and lost those again later on. Now two examples of this intelligence might be relevant i think.

(top down… )
1: 107 for introvert and 106 for extravert (seems Jungian, right?)
2: 206 for differentiation : acceleration, 205 differentiation still, but velocity
(got two more here! (204, 203)
(perhaps as an exercise for those who have no trouble imagining how this works
(I’m still in the phase, where, i’d wish, people can connect in their own ways with me
and I with them, but community like…)))
(to me this seems revolutionary because people can find ways of learning from how the brain does it. )

So I myself am preoccupied, for years now, with:
distilling generalities from the ‘red’ side of intelligence. Which I have certain successes with.

I need to be able to find people for this project. It has humongous potential for guiding our ‘planet’. My theory is that our brains need consciousnesses to guide themselves first and foremost. Whereas the unconsciousness’s chooses (in general) what a person should have for his/her further development (chosen from the reservoir of intelligences).

It is an exciting topic… However, I’m not sure where to go next. In order to get people interested that is.

I am in search for several things. The biggest one, being: where to put all those brain materials?

So there is a lot here, ethics, science, psychology, psychiatry, pool from the brain… philosophy.
All of this counts and there is potentially much much more, even new stuff. Mathematics and physics plus even personality, Buddhism and much more realms to expand upon.

I’m not sure where to start. I’d like to see myself in the background of active people engaged in a mutual project. I am strong in thinking, but if this becomes post mortem stuff, I have less fun… I am strong in certain areas, but not all that is…

So easy: how do we bake a science from all of this?

Hi Justin, I’m unable to see that anything of what your wrote interests me and that it has any chance of benefitting the world.
I got interested in Jeff Hawkins concrete and IMO realistic ideas about how brains work and how it might be mimicked in machine-learning (and because the ideas ties in with my schematic science-aligned view of how our brains work);

That’s why I got onto this Numenta forum.

I wish you good luck!

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Good points…
I hope that my knowledge will be ‘filtered through’ at some point.
Made relevant as it where.


This is the real stuff of human intelligence. Now I need to find out how others can utilize this. That is the ‘world thing’ implied in it…

I’m aware that my ‘schema’’ deviates a bit. But see it like a collection of individuals with all different partake of a certain shared interest. This is normal. So I guess this is my normal!


Not the schema but the concrete stuff. Thus the schemata necessary to get the information contained in the brain must be realized. I have my own methods… But there must be some better ways still…